(Good Things Utah) Helping Utah see for over 20 years now, Hoopes Vision in Draper has consistently changed life for residents all around the state. As one of the leading ophthalmology centers in Utah, its success is attributed to having some of the best laser eye surgeons in the world, and the most cutting-edge technology currently available.

“Our menu to help people has never been bigger, which is really nice,” remarks Dr. Phillip Hoopes, Jr. “We’re almost to a point where we can help anybody that comes through the front door.”

What is EVO ICL?

A new procedure is now available for surgeons at Hoopes Vision called EVO ICL. Recently approved by the FDA, this involves taking a contact-like lens and placing it inside the eye, through a small tunnel made right behind the iris.

This procedure is very safe and only takes roughly 7 minutes per eye, with both eyes being done on the same day. EVO ICL is an optimal solution for patients who aren’t good candidates for LASIK surgery, but it can also be hugely transformative for others looking to improve their vision overall.

“I like this surgery a lot because it’s one of our more emotional surgeries. For whatever reason, high prescriptions or being told they weren’t able to do LASIK in the past; now they have an alternative. To see that person sit up and greet their family coming through the door, it’s a surgery that’s very emotional.”

For more information about the procedure, click the link HERE.

At Hoopes Vision, there are many other options available to patients looking to improve their eyesight. Considering their effective vision correction technology and expert team of surgeons, it’s no wonder why patients have put their vision in the hands of this team for over two decades.

To book a virtual or in-person consultation with Hoopes Vision, visit them online at HoopesVision.com.

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