(Good Things Utah) In every aspect of life, self-confidence can make all the difference in the world. For many who are struggling or have struggled with weight, having a tummy tuck is an effective answer when diet and exercise haven’t worked. While the procedure is nothing new, many who explore it as an option today still have questions about what to expect.

Dr. Greg Hobson with University of Utah Health joined Good Things Utah to share what the experience is like when you have a tummy tuck. According to Dr. Hobson, patients who have had this done can return to work in as little as two weeks, with total function and usability of the core muscles returning after only around three months. Heavy lifting is to be avoided for several weeks until the affected area has recovered sufficiently.

For a mini tummy tuck, associated scars will usually fade after several months to a year, and surgeons say to expect only a short, thin, horizontal scar right about the pubic mound (skin above the pubic bone). Full tummy tucks will have a long scar, and while more visible, will slowly thin over time. For optimal results and to prevent unnecessary scarring, it’s recommended to follow the surgeon’s aftercare advice.

To get more information about the procedure or find out where to schedule a consultation, go to UofUHealth.org/TummyTuck.

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