MURRAY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – The mind is like a computer, and sometimes we just get some bad programming in those neural networks. The more the mind gets “stuck” running these thought patterns, the more established they become. When we create and practice new ways of thinking about ourselves and our lives, we are able to reprogram the brain. That’s the approach at Zion Healing Center Salt Lake City to help people suffering with depression and overwhelming anxiety, among other things.

At Zion Healing Center, the treatment program in Murray, Utah combines cutting edge medical technology with the healing power of Spiritual principles to help patients heal from difficult life issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, and other mental health issues.

 Jimmy Gilland, Intake Coordinator at Zion Healing Center Salt Lake City, says when people take action to improve their mental health, they are often met with inadequate solutions like medication, inefficient therapies, and sent away. Medication is failing people, so many are self-medicating and now alcoholism addiction and opiate overdose is on the rise as well. Behavioral health, Addiction/Recovery focuses on the behavior, not the root cause, according to Zion Healing Center.

Gilland and Zion Healing Center say the good news is that you can change your mental health path. You are not “stuck” with the brain you have.

Solutions to take charge of your mind:
• Decide who you want to be. Create a compelling future.
• Daily Practice – 20-60min Gratitude, Meditation/Guided Visualizations, Affirmations, Power Poses, Exercise, Journaling, Goal Setting,
• Feed your mind – Read books, join meetups or groups.
• Become conscious of “self-talk” – are you saying it the way you want it? Or are you expressing fears and doubts that stop you from becoming the best version of yourself.
• Follow experts and learn how to be successful and fulfilled: Anthony Robbins, Byron Katie, Daniel Amen, Andrew Huberman

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