(Good Things Utah) Every day, new careers are being developed by reputable companies in some of the world’s most in-demand industries. Of these high-demand industries, one of the fastest-growing areas is Computer Technologies.

Leading the nation as a premier educator for industry careers, Dixie Technical College in Southern Utah has an impressive variety of tech-focused programs there for its students. Of these programs, App Development has quickly become a popular choice for learners.

Considered a strong skill for anyone in the tech sector, those in App Development are taught to create new and exciting mobile apps to perform a wide array of functions. From day one, students get hands-on with essential tools and procedures they need to build an app.

Companies around the world pay top dollar to acquire talent with experience in App Development. And real-world opportunities like these are common for graduates of Dixie Tech, as each student of this program will leave with a portfolio of their work, confidence in the systems, and higher chances of finding a successful career.

With only 78 weeks and $6,000 in tuition, there’s nowhere to go but up for those in App Development at Dixie Tech.

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