Enamelware is making a comeback

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Everything old is new again! Enamelware has made a comeback with a modern twist. Jordan Robinson from Rod Works brought enamelware decor onto the show to demonstrate how this vintage item can tie into your current decor. 

Enamelware looks great with many decor styles, particularly vintage, shabby chic, mid-century modern, and farmhouse. It can be displayed in various places throughout the house like open shelving/ cabinets in the kitchen or on gallery walls. It can even be used for dining, it’s age-old material is extremely tough, durable, inexpensive and food safe. 

If you rather use enamelware items for display only, Rod Works carries clocks, signs and hooks that use an enamel finish as well that ties the whole look in together!

Visit rodworks.com for store locations and decorating ideas and on Instagram: @rodworks

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