NAPLES, Florida (Good Things Utah) – The Oscar Award Show is in the history books, but people are still buzzing about how great everyone looked and all the post-Oscar parties and events. Our Beverly Hills producer friend, Debbie Durkin, who throws some of Hollywood’s hottest, behind-the-scenes celebrity events and guest suites, hosted an amazing self-care brand client at her 17th Annual ECOLUXE Oscars Luxury Lounge – providing celebrities and special guests with body sculpting treatments by Dream Body Sculpting Devices® to help them prepare for their red carpet moments.

Christine Perez, CEO, and Jasmine Jenkins, COO, shared the latest on their body contouring machines that are producing amazing results for their clients at affordable prices.

Dream Body Sculpting Devices® is a woman-owned company that was founded in 2019. Christina Perez, founder of DBS Devices®, had worked in plastic surgery practices studying the science and technique behind non-invasive body contouring equipment. With thorough research, Christina decided to start her own manufacturing company which would sell high-quality aesthetic machines that would be durable and provide excellent results. After years of developmental research, she was able to build a team of highly skilled engineers to help create the vision for her devices. Dream Body Sculpting Devices® is one of the only manufacturing companies that engineers their devices in the United States of America.

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Sponsored by Dream Body Sculpting Devices and Durkin Entertainment. Connect with Event and Marketing Producer Debbie Durkin by clicking here.