(Good Things Utah) – Mother’s Day is on its way and Debbie Durkin sent us her favorite EOCLUXE ‘Must Haves’ for best Mother’s Day Gifts in wellness and self care. This collection of must-haves honors all the mothers out there by offering deals to pamper yourself in more ways and more often that you do with some of the best products out there.

The Self Care Mask

Perfect for the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday, The Avec Prestige is an innovative anti-aging skincare device. The device features 5 functions, each targeting skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, and acne. Its ergonomic design and advanced LED display make it easy to select your desired function and intensity level.

For more information, visit TheSelfCareMask.com.

Use Promo Code ‘SAVE10‘ for $10 off purchases.

Deux Marie Cosmetics & Skincare

A luxury skincare and cosmetics brand based in the USA, all Deux Marie products are vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. The Deux Marie collection is all designed to moisturize and enrich the skin using a blend of anti-oxidants and vitamins.

For more information, visit DeuxMarieCosmetics.com.

Casa Luigi Prosecco

Award-winning Prosecco and cocktails from Casa Luigi Prosecco make a great addition to any Mother’s Day celebration. Made from grapes grown in Italy, these Sparkling Wines have the highest-quality flavor in every single can.

For more information, go to Casa-Luigi.com.

Use Promo Code ‘LUIGI25‘ for 25% off online products.

Endangered Species Chocolate

An excellent sweet treat for Mother’s Day, these chocolates are made with only a handful of health-conscious, high-quality ingredients, and no artificial flavors. Aiming to make a change, Endangered Species Chocolate puts 10% of its annual net profits toward Wildlife Conservation.

For more information, go to ChocolateBar.com.

Spirit Optimizer: Created by Shaman Durek

The Spirit Optimizer is a spiritual technology created by celebrity shaman, Shaman Durek, to help optimize the power of the body’s energy fields.

For more information, click the link HERE.

Inca Glow Hair Products

These non-toxic, natural products offer shiny and frizz-free hair possibilities, all in one treatment. Using two of the finest oils on Earth, Mirra Oil and Inca Oil, these products leave hair feeling smooth as butter after use.

For more information, go to IncaGlow.com/Shop.

Use Promo Code ‘INCA15‘ for 15% off purchases.

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