(Good Things Utah) Now available nationwide, PurpleU is a beauty and wellness brand originating in South Korea. Combining 30 years of research, the brand promises to offer the most effective and naturally-derived skincare solutions on the market. Their focus on sustainability means everything from the ingredients they use to the product packaging is all-natural and eco-friendly.

Finding a balance of health and happiness is the philosophy they use. Being one with Mother Nature, PurpleU believes that eternal beauty is possible.

Best known for enhancing skin and hair health, PurpleU now uses this same natural approach to nail care. Easy to apply and available in a variety of color styles, its Gel Nail Strips are designed to revitalize nails without the hassle.

The high gloss of the strips gives nails a healthy sheen, appearing clean and vivid when applied. These strips come to life in the sunlight, becoming a whole new color when met with UV radiation. This color-changing innovation is the first of its kind, opening up a whole new world of looks.

Application is simple — after washing hands thoroughly and removing any excess moisture and oil, find the most appropriate nail size for fingers and/or toes. Press the gel strips carefully against the nail, being mindful not to stretch them in the process. As each strip is placed, use a nail clipper and file to shorten and shape the nails. For longer-lasting results, fill in the gaps between the strip and the nail with a top coat.

These nail strips are odorless — a noticeable difference for those who’re used to traditionally painted nails. Even better, they’re durable enough to withstand the most active lifestyles and still retain the same brilliant shine seen right after application.

To learn more and browse their collection of natural beauty products, go online to PurpleU.com.

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