(Good Things Utah) When the initial results of a new weight loss program begin to slow down, finding a more sustainable routine can make or break an individual’s weight loss goals.

For Utah resident Chris Lamoreaux, this truth became even more apparent when she exhausted all her diet and exercise options, seeing none of the results she’d been working so hard for. After seeking help through online videos, she stumbled across Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss program — a health transformation practice based in Salt Lake City and Colorado Springs.

Having been on the program for 50 days, Chris was overjoyed to see that she’d lost 15 pounds — weight that she’d been attempting to lose for years. Even better, Chris says she no longer feels the frequent heartburn she used to.

I have a completely different mindset when it comes to food. I no longer look at food as the enemy… I also don’t feel the guilt that I have always felt about food. 

Chris Lamoreaux, Client

Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss is a popular program, known for its wholesome approach to food without the traditional dieting we’ve come to associate with losing weight. Beginning with a FREE consultation, an experienced team of weight loss experts designs a tailored approach for each patient — including a practical meal plan combined with a wide range of treatments, therapies, and in some cases, exercise routines.

We just won ‘Top 3’ here in Salt Lake City and it’s because the team here is excellent. Stanford-trained nutritionists, dieticians… you name it. But the coaching is phenomenal…

Dr. Kells, Chiropractic Physician

To find more information, see testimonials, and schedule a FREE consultation, go online to DrKellsWeightLoss.com or call them at (385) 257-9194.

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