(Good Things Utah) When you think about cleaning and organizing your space it might feel a little overwhelming and daunting. You may wish you could just snap your fingers and have it all completed like magic!

The truth is, you aren’t alone and that is why there are people out there that enjoy setting up spaces for you to make it easier to keep organized and help make your day-to-day life easier. Whether the concern is not enough drawers, hanging, or cupboard space, the main point is, that you may need something different to make it easier and more comfortable for your needs.

With a name like “Closet Factory”, you might think that they ONLY specialize in Closets which is wrong. They can help with organization and storage space in any area of your home that you need. Not only that, they EXCEL at it. Take a look at some of their virtual showrooms!

Another great thing about Closet Factory is that their designers and Installers are ALL EMPLOYEES, no subcontractors. You will not have to worry about someone who has not been fully vetted coming into your home because they understand that this is your area and know how important it is to you.

From the beginning to the end, you will have a closet designer by your side who will walk you through the entire process. How do you get started or know if this is what you want to do? You can schedule a free consultation where they’re going to discuss their process. If you want to get a jump on things, you can start by measuring your closet, and by taking inventory, and having it ready.

All manufacturing of materials is completed in their shop which means you do not need to worry about entire pieces being brought into your home while you wait for the process or build to be completed. Right now, they’re offering up to $400 in free accessories on a contract of $4,000 or more!

Hurry and call Closet Factory directly at (801) 972-5757 to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION or head on over and check out their website. You deserve to enjoy your space and have the organization you want and need in your home!

Not ready right now? Follow along on their social media channels and you’ll be amazed at the inspiration!

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