Don’t be miserable. Get your AC fixed

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Black Diamond Experts have tailored offers for all systems across all trades; electrical, HVAC, or plumbing. They can address deals for tune-ups, repairs, or replacements and installations. In the summer they do a lot of work on AC units that are simply being overworked.

It’s still hot and it’s not going away yet. Tune-up, diagnose & repair, or replace your AC – especially if your kid isn’t going back to school and the comfort in the home is paramount to learning. Uncomfortable kids won’t pay attention. Even when you’re working from home if you AC isn’t working it can be miserable. As experts in their industry, Black Diamond does more than AC repairs. In Summit county, they have been tuning up and repairing boilers & water heaters so they’re ready to go for the winter as well!

They have also launched plumbing in St. George to go along with our HVAC services to best serve Washington County – especially solving hard water issues with water softeners and filtration systems. There’s a reason they’ve won the Best of State award 4 times running and they can prove why.

Go to Black Diamond Experts right now to learn more or schedule a service.

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