(Good Things Utah) Utah is full of adventure. From the red deserts down south to the snowy mountains in the north, we truly have a bit of everything in this great state. No one knows this better than Chad Booth with At Your Leisure. For decades Chad has explored the vast reaches of Utah to uncover hidden gems for other adventurers to see themselves.

This spring, the AYL Crew took a ride through the San Rafael Swell to the Copper Globe Mine in Ferron, Utah. The off-road journey opened them up to some great scenery and introduced them to the amazing history behind the mine.

Afterward, At Your Leisure headed down to Santa Fe, New Mexico to visit America’s oldest state capitol. The city had plenty of sights and sounds for them, with exciting traditions found around every corner. Within the city, visitors can see the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis: a beautiful piece of architecture dating back to the 1860s. To fully experience the culture and history of New Mexico, explorers can also take one of many hiking trails to visit nearby Anasazi ruins found in Pecos National Park.

For Easter this year, Chad will be joined by Scott and Tonya Huntsman on an unforgettable trail ride in Jeeps through Moab’s gorgeous rocky terrain. Sponsored by Red Rock 4-Wheelers, this event is open to anyone looking to join the fun on April 14th and April 15th. Participants can bring down their Jeeps and four-wheel vehicles, while the club plans adventurous routes to take together. To register, go to rr4w.com.

Tune in to ABC4 Utah on Saturdays at 10:30 pm and Sundays at 9:00 am to see what other adventures Chad takes on At Your Leisure.

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