MURRAY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Athletic programs are more competitive than ever, and many sports now have competition throughout the year.

The Sports Performance program at Intermountain TOSH–The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital is helping players reach their full potential with highly specialized programs focused on biomechanics of athletic movements and running. These aim to increase strength and performance while helping to prevent injuries.

“We’re helping make athletes become better athletes so they can excel at their sports,” said Michael Everett, baseball and softball coordinator at Intermountain TOSH. “When athletes have the right biomechanics, it makes it easier to focus on other aspects of their game.”

Biomechanics has to do with how a person’s body moves, and aims to correct any deficiencies. If a person’s leg doesn’t move correctly while running or if an arm makes strange movements while throwing it can lead to injury. In many cases it’s creating extra effort which could be getting the wrong results.

“Biomechanics for the body is like making sure your cars alignment is just right,” said Everett. “When everything is moving correctly your energy is better spent getting where you need to go.”

The main goal of the program is to enhance an athlete’s speed and strength which leads to more power in their performance.

This is done through specialized workouts which strengthen the parts of the body used for all sports. Unlike broad workouts these focus on correct movements to fix deficiencies, and build muscle.

While this can all lead to better performance during a game a major aspect of this training is injury prevention. By building muscle where it’s needed and fixing a person’s movements it keeps them healthy and participating.

For more information on the Sports Performance Program at Intermountain TOSH, click here. Or call 801-314-2996.

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