Did you know that addiction is not a moral issue? Addiction is a medical issue

Good Things Utah

(Good Things Utah) – Charles O. Canfield, MD, Founder of White Tree Medical, joined Good Things Utah today to talk about detoxification and addiction treatment. He is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine and Family Medicine and has practiced in general medicine, emergency medicine, geriatrics, and psychiatric care over a 30-year medical career. 

Rehabs too often rush their patients through the detox process and attempt to correct the mental and emotional behavior of the addict bore the addict’s brain has the chance to heal.

Inpatient (rehab) treatment programs have an alarmingly low success rate for those struggling to overcome addiction. They also charge alarmingly high prices. White Tree Medical is a unique outpatient clinic. They have an 84% success rate in the FIRST treatment, at a far more affordable price.

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