(Good Things Utah) Families and couples everywhere are haunted every day by one simple question — “what’s for dinner tonight?”

The question, while seemingly harmless, can unearth a cluster of emotions as each person’s preference is more often than not going to be vastly different. While one person may crave Italian foods, another could only be in the mood for BBQ. This conundrum has long been a difficult scenario to deal with. Not to mention, all the while each party involved is likely starving, raising tensions even higher.

With this daily occurrence happening to everyone at some point — most times pushing relationships to the brink — wouldn’t it be nice if everyone got what they wanted? Well, for those living near Salt Lake City, this dream has suddenly become a reality with Block Party 2700.

Featuring four different establishments all-in-one place, Block Party 2700 is the newest premier spot to find a wide variety of gourmet grub from the valley’s top-rated restaurants. This dining destination has something for every taste, featuring foods from their founding restaurant, Granato’s Gourmet Market, and three other delicious local favorites like Santo Taco, Over the Coles BBQ, and Elephant Press Café.

There are few experiences in the state that make it so easy and affordable to find something for everyone in one place. With their Grand Opening earlier this month, the city is still buzzing with excitement to try somewhere able to satisfy both their taste buds as well as their wallets.

4044 S 2700 E, HOLLADAY, UT 84124


Granato’s Gourmet Market

“Granatos began in 1948 when Frank Granato Sr. wanted to share his love for his Italian heritage with his family’s newly adopted home of Salt Lake City, Utah… Imported goods, a delicious deli, sandwiches that feed the hungriest of appetites & welcoming smiles are still our cornerstone 3 generations later.”

Over the Cole’s BBQ

“We specialize in Texas and mid-western BBQ. We offer a variety of meats including pulled pork, ribs, brisket, sausage, and others that will be part of our daily specials… Homemade BBQ baked beans and coleslaw will always be an option, and others will be part of daily specials.”

Santo Taco Taqueria

“We got our start in the U.S.A. when we first moved to the Salt Lake valley decades ago… As our careers progressed in the food industry our family also grew… Two of our children became vegetarians and inspired us to learn how to prepare new food to feed our ever-growing family, and of course, it had to be Mexican food.”

Elephant Press Café

“We’re an Italian Coffee Shop — also serving delicious pastries and gelato.”

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