Three sisters who lost their 14-year-old brother to suicide in 2015 started a clothing company with the goal of creating a community of hope and support. Their mission is to bring awareness to mental health and suicide along with bringing you unique clothing options that help create confidence in your day to day life.

Dear Sister Boutique wants you to always feel beautiful and unique just the way you are. They have a line of tees and jewelry to help serve as a reminder that you truly are enough. These three sisters love fashion and stay on top of what’s trending and are always sure to have something special on their hangers just for you. Dear Sister Boutique is the destination for fashionable, comfortable boutique women’s clothing with a strong and powerful message behind it.

Dear Sister Boutique wants to continuously open up the national conversation on mental health and break the stigma of mental illness. Their go-to phrase, “dear sister you are enough,” addresses many aspects of mental health issues, trying to promote a positive message amount our many lingering insecurities. Trust them when they say it! You are enough.

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