(Good Things Utah) Depression is a very common issue felt by individuals throughout the United States and overall affects approximately 1 in 4 Utahns. While there are currently a variety of ways to treat depression, the vast majority of treatments involve the use of medications — some causing adverse health reactions as a result of taking.

For those living in Salt Lake City, a cutting-edge holistic approach to treating depression is giving new hope to those who experience its symptoms from Zion Healing Center.

“Utah’s shown to be one of the most medicated states,” says James Gilland with Zion Healing Center SLC. “We’ve been having a lot of success letting people know about treatments that really work. Whether you have depression, anxiety, attention deficit, insomnia… There are a lot of things that we can work on with several of our treatments. But they’re all non-drugs.”

Utilizing state-of-the-art neurofeedback, experts at Zion Healing Center can get a full overview of the activity going on within an individual’s brain. By participating in a simple session in their office, a real-time scan of the brain is performed to locate portions of the brain that are too active or not active enough.

From this scan, specialists can determine what bio-markers exist for certain conditions and what can be treated. Also possible from this scan, the experts at Zion Healing Center can discuss the most common conditions associated with their results and decide on the best approach to improve.

According to Gilland: “If you can dedicate a couple of months to yourself to build your mental health, we can really optimize the brain… A lot of people are seeking this out because they just want to be sharper.”

For more information about neurofeedback and to schedule a consultation, go to www.ZionHealing.com or book using the link here.

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