Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — Guru Technologies is a custom app and software development company based in Layton, Utah that has been in business for almost 18 years. The company specializes in building custom web and mobile applications for a range of clients, from large enterprises to small startups.

The team at Guru Technologies works in-house in their Utah office, which sets them apart from many other development firms that often outsource work to remote and offshore teams. The team at Guru Technologies works closely with clients to develop innovative solutions to their unique business challenges, and they have a reputation for delivering high-quality software products that meet or exceed client expectations.

Guru Technologies has worked with a wide variety of clients over the years, including the Utah National Guard, UTA (the Utah Transit Authority), and even a Walt Disney Company subsidiary. They have also built apps for local municipalities and organizations, including the Intermountain Power Agency and the power plant in Delta, Utah.

On the consumer side, Guru Technologies has built a number of popular apps, including a dating app, a fitness app, a fly-fishing app, and a journaling app. They have also built software used in the medical, financial, and shipping industries.

One of Guru Technologies’ most notable projects was the redesign of UTA’s routes page, which was designed to make it easier for users to find the times and stops they are interested in. The team at Guru Technologies researched other transit systems from around the world to come up with innovative solutions, and they worked closely with the UTA team to refine their design.

Another notable project was the development of CrewTracks, a software platform designed to help manage construction crews and projects. The platform allows project managers to track the progress of their projects in real-time, and it has been widely adopted in the construction industry.

Guru Technologies is also known for their ability to save projects that may have started out with offshore development teams but need to take it to the next level with a professional local company. The team at Guru Technologies is happy to offer advice and guidance to clients, even if they are not the best fit for their project or business model.

To promote their services, Guru Technologies is currently offering a free consultation and a $1000 credit towards software or app development when clients mention seeing this segment. Whether clients need custom web or mobile applications for their enterprise or consumer-facing products, Guru Technologies has the experience and expertise to deliver innovative solutions that meet their unique needs.

For more information about Guru Technologies, you can give them a call at (801) 528-1195 or visit their website.

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