COVID-19 and obesity: Why it’s such a huge concern

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The CDC released a report in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly (MMWR) on March 8, 2021 about the potential risks of obesity and COVID-19.

Key findings in the report:

  • Obesity increases the risk for severe COVID-19-associated illness.
  • Overweight and obesity are risk factors for invasive mechanical ventilation.
  • Obesity is a risk factor for hospitalization and death, particularly among adults aged <65 years.
  • Obesity can cause chronic inflammation that disrupts immune responses to pathogens and impairs lung function.
  • Among almost 150,000 adults who were diagnosed with COVID-19 that went to the hospital, 28.3% had overweight and 50.8% had obesity.

These findings highlight the need for policies to ensure community access to nutrition and physical activities that promote and support a healthy BMI. Public health departments in Utah offer a variety of services to assist with policy development in these areas:

They have tried to provide an array of helpful information for you on diabeteshypertension and other chronic conditions. Resources available include physical activity, healthy eating, weight management and a comprehensive list of resources in your community.

To learn more go to Choose Health Utah.

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