Fiesta Fun Center is daring residents to attempt to “survive the night” at the annual Family Fear Center’s Fiesta Fright. The freakishly Haunted House is open now until October 31st.

The two-story haunted house has disorienting strobe lights and thick pumping fog machines that lend to the ambiance. Pop-up scares and mysterious secret doors create an environment oozing with fearful anticipation. Like other haunted attractions, there are a number of different characters that guests can run into, each with its own terrifying ticks. Expect to scream and jump as you maze your way through the twisted hallways of this horrifying house.

You won’t get lost, but you might be slow to move. The time it takes to get through the haunted house depends greatly on the night and the time that you choose to attend. The staff tries their best to find a balance between wait time and scare time so you will be able to experience both a short line and a long haunt. Fiesta Fright is recommended for those that are 13 and up. Ages 7 and under are not allowed, and those 8 to 12 must have an adult accompanying them.

The haunted house is safe too! There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding guests touching actors or vice versa, and anyone who violates this policy will be immediately escorted off the premises.

Twists and turns through all of your worst fears. Can you survive the night?

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