(Good Things Utah) United Way of Utah County is in the business of supporting the children of Utah County and the people who surround them, it takes more than a village. It takes organizations, businesses, non-profit entities, and teams of volunteers.

According to CEO Bill Hulterstrom, it takes partners such as Comcast to infuse energy, experience and resources to accomplish the worthy objective.

“United Way brings in partners of every kind, from business and non-profit organizations, to create a stronger community in Utah County,” said Hulterstrom, who has worked at United Way for 38 years when four people worked there. Today he leads a team of 101 persons who are dedicated to the mission.

Comcast is a pivotal supporter of UWUC in its digital inclusion work.

“Families today need three things: a computer, connection to the internet, and knowledge on how to use that,” said Hulterstrom, the longest-serving leader of a non-profit in Utah, likens it to the three-legged stool analogy with a digital application. “Without that, families and individuals can’t support their children in education, and it becomes harder for them to find sustaining jobs.”

Comcast’s financial support helps with all three components by providing products, teams of experts to train, low-cost internet access through its Internet Essentials program, and participation in the Federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

“To help an entire county of children and families is a worthy cause and aligns perfectly with what we are all about,” said Deneiva Knight, external affairs director at Comcast. “As a company, we have a $1 billion commitment to reach 50 million people over the next 10 years with the tools, resources, and skills needed to succeed in the digital world. Having a solid partner with United Way Utah County accelerates that progress.”

Several Comcast grants over the years have been directed to UWUC’s digital inclusion program.

“Comcast’s resources are helping us bring in organizations throughout the county that can best support digital inclusion,” he said. “With that, we have created curriculum and programs that allow donations of computers, and volunteers to refurbish computers so we can distribute them to those in need.”

“We have increased the number of volunteers to teach courses on how to use computers, internet safety, and accessing the internet. Now we want to expand this into the northern Utah County area, which is a high priority for us.”

Having taken the series of classes, qualified county residents can receive a free, refurbished computer.

To learn more, go to utah.comcast.com or unitedwayuc.org.

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