SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Tech-Moms is dedicated to helping women transition into tech and achieve long-term success in their careers. Tech-Moms has received a tremendous endorsement from Comcast’s ongoing support. Specifically, Comcast is backing Tech-Moms by providing cash funding and in-kind support to the Tech-Moms training program, which offers foundational technical education along with career exploration and a long-term community of support.

To no one’s surprise, numerous Utah women are answering the call and learning coding curriculum from expert tech trainers. Comcast’s support will accelerate Tech-Moms’ growth, but by the end of this month, 300 women will have graduated from the program, with hundreds in the applicant pool waiting for placement. In addition, Tech-Moms has connected with more than 100 companies to develop job placement for future tech roles.

“The value of the contributions Utah Women make is incredible,” said Deneiva Knight, Director of External Affairs at Comcast. “That’s one reason we are partnering with Tech-Moms. We want to help provide students the opportunity to build the skills, knowledge, and professional network they need to transition into or re-enter a career in tech.”

How do the women themselves feel? Here are just a few comments.

The new job I got after doing Tech-Moms is fantastic, and it tripled my income. It has indeed been a blessing and a life-changing advancement. –Danae

After being at my new Ops jobs for one month, my leadership team said, “Hey, you are doing a really good job, and we would like to give you a $5/hr. raise!” I have NEVER gotten more than a $1 “cost of living” yearly pay bump. It feels strange, but wonderful to have my work seen and appreciated. And I never would have found it without my connections here at Tech-Moms. I can’t ever say thank you enough for showing me how much more is available to me—and my family—in this field. – Caitlin

I really am loving my new job so much more than I ever could have imagined. Also, I didn’t realize that this was what had been missing from my life. It feels so good to work, which has been awesome for my mental health. I wish I had found Tech-Moms sooner! –Sherrie

I wanted to let you know I got a job at Adobe as a non-technical program manager in Cloud Ops. Tech-Moms gave me the confidence to apply and get the job! –Victoria

Tech-Moms is helping women land jobs, get raises, and contribute to their communities in new ways. Graduate share that as their tech skills have risen, their confidence and self-esteem have risen as well. And why not? Tech-Moms and Comcast believe everyone deserves to advance to the next level with skills, respect, and better work/life harmony. 

“We have also chosen Tech-Moms because it helps close the digital divide of haves and have-nots by strengthening women, which influences families and improves our communities,” said Knight. 

Comcast and Tech-Moms believe that empowering women builds stronger homes. Providing tech skills brings confidence, brings a timely voice to relevant issues, and makes a substantive contribution to communities. 

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Sponsored by Comcast.