SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – The Utah Association of Collaborative
Professionals (UACP) is an association of legal professionals providing collaborative law services. UACP’s mission is to promote and create awareness of collaborative law, so that the public knows there is an alternative to resolving disputes other than going to court.

While no two cases or collaborative professionals are alike, the emphasis in the approach is to find a way in which the professionals can work with the parties that will achieve a satisfactory settlement in an efficient, cooperative manner.

Collaborative law is an alternative process to resolve legal disputes, such as divorce, where the case does not go to court. As we discuss collaborative law today, it will be in the divorce or family law context. In 2010, Utah was the first state to adopt the uniform collaborative law act, and is a legal method to resolve disputes

What is the Process?
• 1st phase decide whether this is the process they want to follow. Sign a collaborative law participation agreement.
• 2nd phase is the parties and team gather information.
• 3rd phase is for the parties and professional team generate various resolution options without judgment.
• 4th phase the parties determine from those options which is the best resolution.

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