(Good Things Utah) Salt Lake City is home to a wide variety of coffee brands and shops throughout the valley. With so many options, local coffee lovers have ample opportunity to try new flavors and experiences just nearby.

Tucked in the Avenues of North Salt Lake, a quaint establishment called Café on 1st has been a hidden gem for many coffee fans and residents living in the city. What differentiates the flavors from this shop is their beans roasted in-house — offering customers the chance to choose from the different roasting profiles like dark, medium, and light. “We offered just one back in the day, but had a variety of people that needed something else,” says Tong Chin, owner of Café on 1st. “…like the dark one — some of them are really bitter. Some of them like a fruity taste, so we just go with the light.”

In addition to coffee, Café on 1st makes a variety of other beverages including teas, smoothies, and hot chocolate. Their authentic Thai Coffee is a fan favorite, as well, giving customers a tasty, but stronger coffee flavor. “…it’s a sweet coffee. The reason we make it sweet is because it’s a strong and bitter coffee,” Chin added.

Aside from beverages, customers can also find delicious foods on the menu here. With several classic café options like their acclaimed breakfast burritos, egg & cheese bagels, and the turkey bacon ranch sandwich, Café on 1st make it a one-stop-shop for breakfast and lunch. Even better, visitors have the chance to enjoy the meal on their charming patio with a view of peaceful neighborhood surroundings.

Katy Sine, the host of Taste Utah, had a chance to visit the charming café this week to learn more.

If you’re by Salt Lake City, see the café for yourself at 39 I Street in the Avenues, or find them online at cafeon1st.com.

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