(Good Things Utah) Life at the aquarium is always full of surprises, but there’s one thing that will never change: The awe-inspiring animals. Loveland Living Planet Aquarium has a wide variety of species from around the world, all settled right here in Utah. Of the many animals living at the aquarium, there are few as fascinating as the gecko.

There are now 94 ambassador animals at the Living Planet Aquarium, instructing visitors on the daily routines of exotic animals in the wild. One lively young female gecko named ‘Star-Lord’ is among those ambassadors at the Aquarium giving visitors the experience they’re looking for.

Geckos can be found in warm climates and are an important part of these ecosystems. They are a natural predator of bugs using their long, sticky tongues to catch insects. A gecko’s toes have a surface area of about 400 square centimeters with tiny hairs on the pads of their toes meant for clinging to surfaces like a suction cup.

They’re considered to be the smallest lizard species and live nocturnally with eyes that are 350 times more sensitive to light than humans. Despite being nocturnal, Star-Lord makes a regular appearance during daylight hours as an animal ambassador for curious learners.

“She’s one of our education animals,” remarks Ashley Kerbs, Assistant Curator of Animal Ambassadors for the Aquarium. “She gets to come out, greet guests, see kids at schools, and teach them about all different types of geckos, ecosystems, and how they survive.”

The experience at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is like no other, giving visitors an exclusive peek into our planet’s fantastic ecologies. Families can find a wide variety of events, exhibits, and programs made to both engage visitors and educate them.

To learn more and plan your visit, go online to TheLivingPlanet.com.

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Nights Under Lights:

End of Summer Bash

Wrapping up this month, the Aquarium is hosting its End of Summer Bash on August 27th. The event will be set on the EECO stage with a gorgeous display of lights and a live DJ dance party. Families are encouraged to bring their blankets, chairs, and appetites for tasty eats from local food trucks.

For more details, click the link here.

Member Movie Nights:


Grab the family for a movie night beneath the stars with Loveland Living Planet Aquarium on August 29th. This event is FREE for members, offering fun activities and concessions — all before the lights go down and Disney-favorite film, Luca begins.

For more details, click the link here.

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