(Good Things Utah) Books are a wonderful way to relax and enter a world inside your own imagination. Whether you’re on a bus or in your bed, reading helps us all to escape from the realities of real life. To fully invest yourself, it makes all the difference to find a book you enjoy reading — no matter the subject. For those who love to read about all things action and adventure, a new novel called God of Neverland is now available.

Written by author Gama Ray Martinez, who’s already published 12 adventure books, this novel is a creative re-imagining of the classic Peter Pan tale by J.M. Barrie. In this version of the tale, the youngest Darling sibling is now a full-grown adult and must return to Neverland to save it from collapse. Through his journey, the main character continues his search for the missing Peter Pan in a world of magical threats and mystery.

Purchase it today anywhere books are sold or to find the novel on Amazon, click the link HERE.

To learn more about God of Neverland, visit the author’s website at GamaRayMartinez.com.

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