Salt Lake City (Good Things Utah) — From home to play, the kids will be cozy all day! Lisa Margetts with Chickadee Gear joined us in the studio to talk about this children’s all-in-one snow suit.

When you wake up and realize that fresh snow has fallen, that means that a snow day is about to commence. Getting everyone dressed and covered can feel like a hassle, but an all-in-one snow suit can change that!

The snowsuit creator, Lisa Margetts, had this to say, “My husband and I had 5 young kids and we just felt there was a need there. You get to the top of the mountain, then one glove is full of snow or you get to where you’re going and don’t have a glove. So, we just felt there was a need and it had to be attached so you don’t think about the gloves, they’re just there.”

The gloves are attached by a zipper, so you have the option to be able to take hands in and out of the snowsuit. The gloves can then be snapped onto a button that can hold them out of the way while unzipped. On the inside it is fuzzy, to keep your kiddos warm throughout the cold day. This suit is all-in-one, so it makes for easy on-the-go and on-the-off too!

If your powder days sound like they could be improved by this snowsuit, you’re in luck! Chickadee Gear is offering 25% off using the code ‘1ST2022’ through their website. You can also visit them on Facebook and on Instagram.

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