Salt Lake City, Utah (Good things Utah) — About 1 in 5 people suffer from chronic pain around the world. Chief Operations Officer, Rex Muhlestein, with Spoon Full Of Sugar joined us in the studio to talk about his non-profit, how others battle pain, and raise awareness.

Spoon Full Of Sugar began when Rex’s wife, Nelle Shaffer Muhlestein, was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in which she obtains a rare, cranial version. Nelle suffers everyday from the syndrome and is in bed most of the time, but manages to reach out to people all over the world to let them know they’re not alone or forgotten.

Spoon Full Of Sugar helps those battling with this syndrome by discovering people that feel isolated or alone. Individuals can struggle with self worth, under representation, and even suicide. Spoon Full Of Sugar began by having conversations and interviews with those affected then posting them was a huge help. Rex wanted to do something about the issue and now, they do one every week.

The following has grown since Spoon Full Of Sugar has progressed and with that, they are involved with Spread the Cheer USA along with Cheer Choice Awards.

The non-profit COO said, “Spread the Cheer USA is a non-profit that helps families during the holidays. Their main donation is Cheer Choice Awards. They have a Vegas show and people online that follow positive creators, are honored. You can do free daily voting or you can do donation votes, but all that money goes towards Spread the Cheer USA to help families in need. The donation votes also help with the ranking and placement. So, we were nominated and the voting rounds continue and we are on the last round this week. We are in the top 5, ranked #1.”

Rex says, “the biggest thing is that people are reaching out and they want to be seen or heard. Getting the right help along with people providing help needs to increase, because they are underfunded and underrepresented. We are making progress, but we are now poised to do a lot more and we are inviting people to join us.”

Want to help? You can find links to all social media and content for Spoon Full Of Sugar via their Linktree: Don’t be afraid to donate and vote, along with following across all social media platforms and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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