SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — Now with 10 clinic locations around the nation, the ever-growing Belle Medical is continuing its mission by helping patients to look and feel their best with a collection of award-winning body enhancement solutions.

Belle Medical provides various treatments like HD Body Sculpting, Fat Transfer, CoolSculpting, and even traditional liposuction. Using FDA-cleared technology, the experts here give patients lasting results, often with many advantages including:

  • Only one treatment needed
  • No cutting, ripping, or cooling
  • Fast recovery
  • No permanent scarring
  • No damage to nerves or tissue

Altogether, the goal at Belle Medical is to be a safe space for patients and build self-confidence with natural body contouring treatments.

“Everybody wants to feel the best version of themselves,” remarks Wendy Townsend with Belle Medical. “If we feel the best version of who we are, we’re able to go do things that we’re intended to do… Our bodies almost always hold us back… For some reason, we need to feel good so that we can do good.”

To help everyone feel their best in 2023, Belle Medical is offering 23% OFF an entire procedure. Those who would like to redeem this offer must book a consultation by January 31st.

To learn more and book a FREE consultation, go online to

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