(Good Things Utah) The flavors are endless here in our state and nobody knows this better than Katy Sine from Taste Utah. She shares some of the most unique restaurants and dining experiences for locals and travelers to try themselves.

This week, Katy wanted to highlight two great events as part of her ‘Outdoor Summer Dining’ series. Both are wonderful opportunities to sample some yummy dishes and connect with other avid foodies — each in stunning outdoor settings.

If you would like to explore more delicious dining destinations near you, go online to TasteUtah.com.

Outstanding in the Field

This roaming dining experience is happening at Red Acres Farm in Cedar City on July 30th. Just an hour’s drive from Zion National Park, the event will feature tastefully curated meals on one of the most beautiful landscapes in Southern Utah.

Guest chef Shon Foster, owner of Sego restaurant in Kanab, will be partnering with Red Acres Farm to cook up some of the exclusive bites from his rotating menu. Shon will also be joined by elite chefs Troy Szczotka, Doug Gerpheide, Dominique Roberts, Adam Cold, and Christian Gonzales — each acclaimed for their accomplishments in the culinary industry.

Outstanding in the Field has been putting its delicious twist on traditional dining for over 20 years now. The collection of local chefs and farmers gives foodies from around Utah a taste of what their state has to offer. Gathering at one long table, this migrating restaurant celebrates food and the amazing human connections it can bring.

To learn more and purchase tickets, click the link here.

Women in Food & Farming / Mindful Tastes

Taking place at The Lodge at Blue Sky in Wanship (just east of Park City) will be a unique event spanning days of celebration for the women that have contributed so much to Utah’s culinary culture.

Festivities start at the Blue Sky Tavern with the Mindful Tastes event on August 2nd. This experience led by Katy Sine of Taste Utah will explore the many flavors found in our great state.

To purchase tickets, click the link here.

The following day, on August 3rd, join in the fun at the Women in Food and Farming event. Featuring a 5-course dinner curated by Executive Chef Silvia Barban.

To purchase tickets, click the link here.

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