Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — It is Black History Month and Taste Utah is highlighting black-owned businesses. Katy Sine joined us in the studio to tell us about this weeks three amazing restaurants.

In town or in Park City, there’s a tasty meal for everyone in Utah. Katy Sine said, “One of my favorite things to do at Taste Utah is tasting different cultures through different styles of food. So, some of these restaurants are right here in Salt Lake City and then we have a Park City restaurant as well. These are restaurants that we’ve highlighted on Taste Utah and we’re working with the Utah Black Chamber of Commerce this month to highlight black-owned restaurants on our Taste Utah Bytes segments on Fridays. So we thought it’d be really fun to encourage you to support all of these delicious flavors.”

We can support black-owned business by eating at these great restaurants such as this first one; Yoko Ramen + Yoko Taco. Katy notes that this is some of the best ramen in the state. Plus. they are really known for their fries and fry sauce. One of Taste Utah’s favorite things is to find these authentically Utah staples and watch different chefs put their spin on it. Yoko Taco has Fried Chicken Tacos which has slaw and house salsa or their Chiliquiles which includes salsa roja, chips, queso fresco, onions, and herbs– Yum!

Another great pick is 11th Hauz. 11th Hauz is a family owned restaurant with the mother from Jamaica and their signature dish is Salt Fish. This dish is cured white fish and they call it rice and peas which is almost black-eye peas, very Caribbean style. And don’t forget their plantains. Per their website, “Don’t ever call me a banana! I’m sweeter than a banana will ever be!”

Lastly, Mahider Ethiopian Food. This is a very traditional style of Ethiopian food. You actually get to eat with your hands. How fun! You take the Injera, sourdough fermented bread, and then you are able to use that as your tool to eat! Katy adds, “They provide you with fork and knife, but anytime you can get all five senses involved in your dining experience, it’s a pretty good day!”

The celebration of Black History Month doesn’t stop there. Mardi Gras in the Mountains is February 18, 2023 from 8:00 PM – 12:00 AM at the Leonardo and is an event hosted by the Utah Black Chamber of Commerce. You can find great drinks and yummy bites from your favorite black local eateries. Get your tickets here. Hope to see you there!

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