An innovative new cell phone accessory is out on the market and it’s made right here in Utah by Missy Kelly of Cat Tongue Grips. She shared her company’s clever and convenient cell phone grip here on Good Things as part of our International Women’s Day show.

The CatTongue Grips story originated from skateboard grip tape used to keep a cell phone from slipping and falling as they are known to do. CatTongue Grips, a sleek alternative to other more bulky cell phone attachments, was launched in 2017 after two and half years of research. 

CatTongue Grips are an adhesive non-slip grip that can be applied to your mobile device or case to provide a layer of GRIPTION in your everyday life. CatTongue Grips are solving the problem of slippery devices that slide around in the car, out of your hand, in your hand, in the car, on your workspace, or on the go.

CatTongue Grips also provide an opportunity for people to personalize with our designs on a unique space that they are looking at and touching constantly!

The company has partnered with US and Ski and Snowboard in December 2017. 300 of their grips went to the Olympics for the Athlete Goody bags.

The cellphone product was voted #2 Phone Grip of 2017 and they have new products, include the Phat Cat for laptops and tablets rolling out April 1st.
Be sure to visit their website at because they are offering GTU viewers 2 for $20 with promo code GTU!

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