Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — Today Nicea headed out to Draper and sat down to visit with the Executive Director of Beacon Crest Senior Living, David Meredith.

Beacon Crest is family owned and operated which allows them to stay small. They’ve built two luxury homes with the belief that mom or dad would rather not move to a facility and away from the comforts of their home into a hospital setting.

They’ve focused on hiring staff that understands that every resident is family and should be treated as such. To do this, they decreased the number of residents per CNA or caregiver which means your family members get attentive and happy nurses and employees who are happy treat residents with love, care, and compassion.

The also offer Respite Care and there are two groups of people who love this option:

  • This service is great for people coming out of the hospital or a skilled nursing facility but are not quite ready to go home. They can come to Beacon Crest for a few weeks and pay a daily rate.  This allows them to finish their PT, recover, and get stronger before going home.
  • This is also a great option for parents that live with their adult children. Sometimes they may need a break or vacation and a respite program is a great option. They can enjoy their time away and have the peace of mind that their Mom or Dad is safe while they are gone.

At Beacon Crest, their chefs are all culinary trained and cook everything from scratch. The chefs also do all the preparation right in the open so it is like a live cooking show every day.

Once a new resident moves in, they pick a room and the cost of that room will never go up! It doesn’t go up as they need more help, it doesn’t go up if inflation is crazy. That room price is fixed for life. They have found that “fixed pricing for life” gives mom and dad comfort and it also gives the family comfort so that they can budget and know that they will never be priced out of the market.

At Beacon Crest of Draper, they know that you want to make the best decision for your parents and offer a complimentary tour of the community. You can schedule yours and a consultation lunch! Visit their website for more information and to take a look at the facilities. For the next 30 days, anybody that mentions GTU will get $250 off their monthly room rent forever!

Call: (801) 951-1300 Ext 1

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