(Good Things Utah) Summer is a wonderful time to explore the great outdoors with friends and family, but as we here in Utah know, it’s also a wonderful time to seek relief from the heat. For those in Utah County, a studio called The Kreative Kiln is the perfect place to cool down and become immersed in the relaxing art of pottery making.

“It’s a place where you can come to do pottery, pick what color you want on it, then we fire and finish it for you,” says Tyler, owner of The Kreative Kiln. “Right now we usually do up to 18 to 20 people… But we love to do big groups…”

The studio itself is spacious, giving visitors and groups a sense of comfort while they mold their clay. Soft natural light pours over the workstations, adding to the cozy ambiance and highlighting the studio’s high ceilings. String lights stretch across the space above, making it a gorgeous scene during nighttime sessions.

Co-owner Megan states: “It’s totally kid-friendly and family-friendly. We love seeing the kids and they just love forming the clay and using their hands to get a little dirty. We have aprons — so don’t worry, parents.”

A variety of events and parties are hosted at The Kreative Kiln, giving visitors fun activities and ideas to engage with. For anyone with an added interest in creating, memberships are available to receive unlimited pottery wheel and studio access during open hours. Experienced potters can also access the studio (by booking beforehand) to throw, trim, and glaze their pieces with no instruction included and at an hourly rate.

Their talented instructors help make every session a success, closely working with each student — beginner or expert. Lessons are simple and easy to follow, perfect for potters to relax while making their unique pottery creations.

For more information about events at the studio, go to TheKreativeKiln.com or call/text them at (385) 789-4606.

Use promo code ‘FREEDOM’ when booking online to receive 40% off scheduled sessions!

**This segment contains sponsored content