Busy schedule? This program lets kids take classes when they can

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When traditional schools were closed due to COVID last year, families instantly had to do school at home. For many, the “Zoom Schooling” offered by their local district just didn’t connect well with their children. Many families started looking for other public school options to better meet their child’s individual needs.

My Tech High, which has been providing personalized options for education for over a decade, is a great option for families looking for a student-centered program. The program is successful in that during COVID, My Tech grew to serve over 18,000 students across 7 states, including right here in Utah. My Tech High provides students access to a computer, internet, certified teachers, a caring support staff, and flexible curriculum options for ALL subjects, including hands-on tech and entrepreneurship classes.

Once students experience a truly personalized learning environment, they never want to go back to a one-size-fits-all approach.

There are so many amazing resources and options now, both online and in your community. My Tech High gives students a voice in designing their ideal education plan by tapping into the best resources available both at home and in the community.

To learn more visit My Tech High now.

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