(Good Things Utah) As the prices for homes continue to rise, many looking for somewhere to live in Utah have turned to building a home rather than buying. Overall it saves homeowners from paying high costs associated with buying a home and lets them choose the designs as its being constructed.

Building homes in Utah for over 45 years now, Woodside Homes has been a great choice for new homeowners all around the state. Their commitment goes beyond designing and building a beautiful home. Woodside Homes focuses on making sure each homeowner is making the right choice for them and their priorities. They have a mission to make each space as unique as its owner, while also closely accommodating their lifestyle.

“It’s been a little bit difficult, especially in Utah, as our housing inventory is at an all-time low and our demand is at an all-time high,” states Landon Musselman with Woodside Homes. “With interest rates that are unpredictable right now, builders are really providing a lot of the solutions to the housing shortage that we’ve been experiencing in Utah for the last couple of years.”

Every homeowner will have a chance to choose each detail of the home alongside the builders before starting, ensuring that the home looks perfect once it completes. Heather Lott with Woodside added: “In our downtown office, we have an Inspiration Gallery where it has every color option of cabinet, countertop, or flooring that you can imagine. And there’s professional designers there to help you go through that process to pick what looks good, what matches, and what you want.”

In the end, Woodside isn’t just building homes, they’re building communities for residents to live in for generations to come. To browse their entire collection of communities, visit them online at WoodsideHomes.com.

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