WASHINGTON TERRACE, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Bonneville Communities that Care (BCTC) is a coalition of community members from four cities in Utah- Uintah, Washington Terrace, South Ogden and Riverdale. Individuals from government, law enforcement, education, local business, healthcare, volunteer and social service groups, youth-serving organizations, parents, and youth are working together to create a brighter future for both the community and the youth in the Bonneville Cone (all schools that feed into Bonneville High School) area.

The goal of this coalition is to:
• Build and promote a strong coalition of families, schools, the community and youth
• Eliminate underage drinking and misuse of other drugs
• Promote unity and collaboration
• Create a brighter future for both our youth and community

At Bonneville High School:

• The effort of the coalition is working leading to continued decreases is all categories of substance abuse and mental health awareness
• Bonneville High School has installed a dedicated room at the school, the Anchor Room, where students can go to get away, to take a rest, when they feel they need it.
• Bonneville health teachers started teaching Botvins Life Skills Program four years ago and continue to teach it as part of their health curriculum.
• This is a program that has been proven to cut drug use by up to 75%, alcohol use by up to 60% and tobacco use by up to 87%.

The coalition covers the Bonneville High School Cone area. This includes all Elementary and Junior High Schools that feed into Bonneville High. We are working to prevent underage drinking and substance misuse in our communities.

Check out bonnevillectc.org online or on Facebook at Bonneville Communities that Care Coalition.

Sponsored by Bonneville Communities that Care Coalition, Weber School District.