(Good Things Utah) Motorsport mayhem is coming this way fast with the largest-ever Monster Jam event in Utah being hosted at Rice Eccles Stadium this April. Already one of the biggest motorsports competitions in the world, the upcoming Monster Jam season is promising a car-crushing spectacle with no one left disappointed from the action.

On April 30, in honor of Monster Jam’s 30th-anniversary, the event will be held in an outdoor stadium rather than the smaller-scale indoor arenas that fans are used to seeing here. “…you guys in Salt Lake are going to see one of the best events in Monster Jam you guys have ever seen, that’s for sure,” says Mark List, driver of El Toro Loco.

Athletes train year-round to prepare for the tight races, freestyle tricks, and grand jumps performed at the event. “Now that everybody’s getting so good, it requires a lot of talent in each driver to be able to pull off different moves than the driver before you.”

Mark adds: “There’s no script because not everything that happens will happen there on the track. As we’re driving, we don’t control [really] the truck or what it’s going to do.”

VIP Pit Party Passes & Early Access Passes

New this year, fans get the unique experience to join the drivers before the show at the Monster Jam Pit Party. This exclusive opportunity gives those with access the chance to meet all of their favorite drivers, ask questions, and take pictures.

“…we love to talk to all you fans, take pictures with you, and ask what you want to see during the event,” Mark states. “It’s something we love and I want to get everybody to come out here and support us.”

For sale in limited quantities, fans can buy their tickets to the Monster Jam event and the Monster Jam Pit Party by clicking this link.

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