The Crack Shack was established in 2015 from the group who started nationally-acclaimed, San Diego fine dining restaurant The Crack Shack.

The goal was to bring pristine ingredients which they sourced from local farmers, into a more casual, laid-back setting for the masses.

This idea came before the pre-fried chicken craze and the fried chicken sandwich wars. It was unclear if people would be interested in the little passion project. They quickly learned it was fire after running out of food on day one, and had to shut down for a few days to prep back up. What sets The Crack Shack apart is the Bone-in Fried chicken.

Sourced from Jidori Farms

Sourced from Jidori Farms (essentially the kobe beef of chicken), humanely raised, non-GMO, and organic, the birds get beyond free range in vast pastures. Never frozen, received within 48 hours of butchering, the chicken is always at its peak freshness. The relationship with its chicken supplier is special. They have committed to providing Jidori in all new markets.

Southern California style

Chicken is prepared “Southern California”-style (which it has coined), as an homage to their San Diego roots. The flavors of the chicken, technique, sauces and sides are all Baja inspired vs. the “Southern fried chicken” people might be used to.

Top quality ingredients

Another differentiator of The Crack Shack is its commitment to top quality ingredients. Even as it travels to new markets, it will be sourcing produce from boutique local farms, bread from local artisan bakeries, and partnering with top handcrafted ice cream makers in each market for our shakes. 

In Utah, it has partnered with Rockwell Ice Cream, which uses the same approach to ingredients, precision and quality.

Where can I get some?

The Crack Shack has a location on 9th and 9th in Salt Lake City, and is gearing up to open in Lehi on East Main Street on April 21st.

A portion of proceeds from Grand Opening Day will be donated to a local animal rescue.

If you want a first look of the space and be the first to taste, visit and subscribe—The Crack Shack will be giving away VIP passes to grand opening events!

Soft Opening VIP Passes




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