SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — As he’s written over 40 best-selling novels in his career, author Richard Paul Evans is perhaps most proud of his latest work published titled A Christmas Memory. In this story, he recalls the story of his own life’s journey.

After losing a brother in the war, dealing with his parent’s divorce, and moving to his grandmother’s abandoned home in Utah — Richard finds comfort after befriending an elderly neighbor and his friendly dog companion.

Throughout the book, themes of kindness, compassion, and forgiveness put readers into the shoes of the author. With it centered around the excitement of the Christmas season — the heartfelt message and insightful details help to remind all of us that, even though the world may seem to be falling apart, there will always be hope.

Richard Paul Evans was inspired to write A Christmas Memory over four weeks in recovery as he battled pneumonia and COVID-19 simultaneously. His foggy-headed writings, once later reviewed, were surprisingly strong and carried with them touching lessons from his life.

Now with over 22,000 copies pre-ordered before the book was released, Richard is hopeful that the story will help his readers discover the magic of the holidays.

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