The Advocates want to shine the spotlight on people throughout Utah who have gone the extra mile to do the right thing. Whether these people have saved the lives of others, helped those in financial need, or simply acted as a friend for someone who needed to be cared for, the Advocates would like to hear about them.

This month’s Community Advocate is “Aunt Willy” from Davis County for her honorable service in her community. When she noticed that a concerning amount of people in the senior community where she lives didn’t have masks, Aunt Willy set out producing them on her own. She made one for every person in her community as well as her friends and family. So far, she’s made hundreds of masks and plans to make even more.

Do you know a person who has helped someone in need?

If you have, please fill out the form to nominate a good Samaritan you know. The most generous nominee will be selected and announced on Good Things Utah weekly. Each month, a new winner will be featured on Good Things Utah as a recognition for their service. They will also receive a gift certificate for dinner and a movie.

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