(Good Things Utah) Since its founding in 2009, the state-sponsored nonprofit program Waterford Upstart has continued its mission to build the confidence of youth around Utah. Being sponsored by the State of Utah, this pre-school program is completely free for families hoping to prepare their children in an at-home environment before they begin moving into Kindergarten.

“It’s not too good to be true. This is state-sponsored, which means that this is something the state of Utah believes it is really important for children to have before they go into school — so that’s why it’s free. It’s, actually, already paid for,” says Kim Fischer, National Spokesperson for Waterford Upstart.

Providing children who may feel unprepared for important school topics, the program helps them through a variety of fun and engaging programs; offering an alternative to the traditional teaching methods found in most other Pre-K programs around the nation.

“It includes our adaptive software program which learns right along with the child at their pace, a computer, and internet if you need it, and then a family coach if you need it, to walk families through the process. Then push notifications that help parents know what the child is learning right at that moment so they can work with them offline.”

Created for children from ages 4 to 5, Waterford Upstart gives them the programs and resources needed to succeed in a variety of subjects.

“Just 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week for the reading,” Fischer added. “We do also have an optional 15 minutes of math and science. Kids think it’s really fun, so I always suggest doing that.”

For more information on the Waterford Upstart program, visit them online at WaterfordUpstart.org or call them at 888-982-9898.

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