(Good Things Utah) Soccer is perhaps the most popular sport to be played here in Utah. And this love for the sport only gets stronger when it comes to our state professional team, Real Salt Lake. For decades now, the team has fought their hardest both at home and afar to make their fans proud — a goal that has been more than accomplished as Real Salt Lake has become one of the most celebrated teams in the league.

America First Credit Union has been with RSL since the very beginning as a founding partner and sponsor. Now, they’re taking the partnership to new heights by unveiling the newly-named America First Field — previously known as Rio Tinto Stadium.

“America First has been a long-standing partner with the RSL organization ever since they came to Utah back in 2005,” says Dave Nellis with America First Credit Union. “So this is a great opportunity for us to be able to further that 18-year relationship…”

Another benefit coming from this partnership is the exclusive RLS Credit Card & Debit Card — packed with features and benefits, designed with signature team colors, and only available with America First Credit Union. Fans can show their team support with every purchase by repping these RSL cards along with big benefits.

RSL Debit Card

“This Visa features a sleek design, an EMV chip for fraud prevention, tap-to-pay technology, and free identity theft protection services. When you use this Visa card, the funds are quickly & securely debited from your America First checking account.”

And you’ll gain access to:

  • ABC Deals – Get cash back for transactions you’re already making
  • Card Guard  – Use our free app for security & control
  • ATM access – Withdraw cash from our network without fees
  • Deals & discounts – Unlock special offers just by using your card

RSL Credit Card

“You can choose between cash back, low-rate, and rewards credit cards, depending on which benefits you prefer. However, they all come with free identity theft recovery services, offering you peace of mind should your financial information become compromised.”

You’ll also enjoy:

  • Concierge service – Personalized assistance for your next trip
  • Roadside dispatch – Get help when you need it, 24 hours a day
  • Rental insurance – Enjoy automatic insurance coverage for auto rentals
  • Extended warranties – Receive continued coverage on eligible items

These cards are available to members and non-members alike, giving everyone a chance to show their support and enjoy the many perks.

To learn more and sign up for one of these exclusive RSL Cards, go online to AmericaFirst.com/RSL or find an America First Credit Union branch nearest you.

**This segment contains sponsored content