Anyone up for a fun feather hunt? Little ones will love this interactive picture book

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(Good Things Utah) – When you think about Thanksgiving, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Food? Football? Shopping? Perhaps all of the above. But is that really what Thanksgiving is all about?

And so, as many families here in Salt Lake City and those around the country gather around the table once again this Thanksgiving, an interactive children’s book is helping families to remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Author, Lindsay Ann Fink joined the show today to share the release of her new book, Thomas the Turkey. In the book, she expertly lays out an interactive story that helps children understand that family, gratitude, and thankfulness are the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Thomas is a turkey and he has lost all his feathers-gasp! (pictured right)

In this interactive book, readers retrace Thomas’s steps around the house, picking up a feather at each location until they have helped Thomas find all seven of his brightly colored feathers.

The child’s parents or older siblings must first hide the feathers for the child to find, making the hunt easy or hard depending on the child’s age. The book has a page of feathers at the end so children can cut them out or you can use real feathers if you have them. The child will love taking part in this feather hunt, and families will adore this new Thanksgiving tradition.

The book is designed to make the family have fun together. Sometimes children spend long hours at the kid’s table while grown-ups talk and talk. Be sure fun family activities and enjoying one another are a top priority on Thanksgiving. Maybe you can start a new tradition like going outside and playing a family game of soccer, creating a Thanksgiving trivia activity, or even reading a book.

Remember true gratitude doesn’t leave you feeling like you owe other people something — after all, if you’ve done someone a favor, you probably don’t want the person to feel like you expect something back in return. That’s the theme of Thomas the Turkey. It’s all about feeling good and creating a cycle of good.

Thanks for writing such a delightful book. I think that the feather hunt makes the book even more fun to read. And the child may associate fun with reading.

Review of Thomas the Turkey by David Newell

If you’re an educator or librarian in the Salt Lake City area and are interested in facilitating an author visit with Lindsay, connect with her via her Offical Website or her Instagram page.

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