(Good Things Utah) Placed conveniently in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, across from City Creek Center, a trendy American bar and restaurant called Ivy & Varley have quickly become a local favorite. Since opening in January of 2020, the establishment has offered city-goers a chance at an unforgettable night out with creative cuisine and cocktails.

Recently they’ve opened for lunch, giving visitors a first-class dining experience and a delicious contemporary menu curated by acclaimed Executive Chef Bobby McFarland. “This is our second week of being open for lunch, and we’re so excited. We have some amazing new dishes that we can’t wait for you guys to try,” says Rachel Wilson, Director of Marketing at Ivy & Varley. Some of the delectable options on the lunch menu include their Moules Frites, Cauliflower Wrap, Falafel Waffle, and their signature Fried Brussel Sprouts.

On top of the dynamic food menus, Ivy & Varley is a choice destination for residents looking for a relaxing, yet upscale, bar experience. Their unique approach to mixology gives guests a taste of high-end cocktail culture, in a comfortable setting. Cocktail creations like Hibiscus Oleo Margarita, Summer Lavender, Rosy Cheeks, and more offer guests a wide variety of drink options to choose from.

Adding to the social atmosphere, the establishment also features Salt Lake City’s largest outdoor patio, with plenty of space for any nightlife gatherings. “…we have a gorgeous patio that has a really pretty fountain, tons of table space — enough room for a big group of up to 20. It’s amazing and so good for the summer.” Rachel adds.

Katy Sine with Taste Utah recently visited the establishment to see all that Ivy & Varley has to offer. You can visit them in downtown Salt Lake City at 55 West 100 South, or find out more online at www.ivyandvarley.com.

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