SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — For LDS families this holiday season, an upcoming historical documentary is set to share the origins of the religion’s teachings and how the Church ties into daily life at home.

This 30-minute television special called “The Art of the Early Church” will feature interviews with prominent LDS artists, among other guests. Each interview will provide insight into how religious art can teach both history and spiritual elements. The program will also include never before heard stories behind the creation of 12 Book of Mormon illustrations by artist Arnold Friberg.

In combination with historical teachings and inspirational music by Debra Bonner, it will also circle back to the holiday season and its true meaning for families.

According to its Director and Producer, Robert Hatch, who’s been creating this Restoration Artifacts series: “The art and the music combine to express the things about both church history, but also The Savior and about Christ on Christmas.”

The show itself airs Saturday, December 24th at 10 AM, 6 PM, and 1:30 AM on Christmas Day, as well as 1 AM on December 26th — all right here on ABC4 Utah.

To preview “The Art of the Nativity” slideshow, see below.

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