An Integrative Approach to Healthcare

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​Dr. Heather Picket, DO and Dr. Brannick Riggs, MD with Prime Meridian Healthcare’s Pleasant Grove clinic joined Nicea today on Good Things Utah to talk about their comprehensive primary care medical clinic that is focused on prevention and reversal of chronic disease and Integrative healthcare.

At Prime Meridian Healthcare, they work with the patient to understand their needs and concerns as well as their personal approach to healthcare. They are then able to customize a plan using integrative healthcare to help regain health.

T​he clinics differentiate themselves from others in the industry in three distinct ways:

  • A unique and innovative focus on prevention and reversal of chronic disease.
  • An integrative approach to treating patients.
  • An exceptional primary care experience that goes above and beyond traditional primary care practices made affordable by a unique and accommodating pricing model.

A key focus of our clinical protocols is on PREVENTION to REVERSE the course of chronic disease, REDUCE a patient’s dependence on prescription drugs, and RECLAIM health and quality of life! We do this by helping patients implement lifestyle changes as well as introducing them to alternative therapies and products. 

What is Integrative healthcare?

  • Taking the best of up to date science and combining it with ancient wisdom.
  • They combine, or integrate, clinical methods with alternative, science-based approaches.
  • Emphasis on the provider-patient relationship.

A few types of integrative therapies at Prime Meridian:

  • Medical acupuncture
  • Physical Therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Integrate the care within a team concept for the patients

Dr. Riggs suggests the below options to stay healthy this time of year as we enter flu and cold season:

  • 1. Get enough rest
    • The immune system regenerates while we sleep
    • Low inflammatory diet
    • Take Supplements
    • Increase your intake of vitamin C and vitamin D this time of year
    • Focus on nutrition, sleep, and supplements to boost our immune system to weather the storm
  • 2. Talk about a preventative care program with your physician.

Learn more about Prime Meridian Healthcare via their Website or give them a call at (385) 440-1400.

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