An inspiring story of betrayal, survival, and hope

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After years of childhood trauma and abuse, a woman shows us how to rise up from the ashes and find hope. A book by award-winning Author and Speaker, Heidi Tucker explores the experiences of a person suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, or what used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder. It’s a powerful book with an even more impactful message; Cling to your faith, embrace gratitude, and never lose hope.

It’s a true story of a woman who endured unthinkable childhood abuse and the haunting memories that her mind held captive. Margi’s story exemplifies love, courage, and triumph over seemingly insurmountable odds. Her valiant conquest to uncover those protected secrets will both enlighten and uplift as you read Margi’s story of hope and feel her testimony of faith in the Savior.

Heidi Tucker is a strong believer that a good story can not only teach an important principle but can make you feel it. When she first met Margi, she told me she had a story – one which contained unthinkable abuse as a child. She asked herself, “Why would I be interested in writing about such a dark subject?” If that’s all there was to it, she wouldn’t have, but she heard during an hour-long conversation was a woman who was the very definition of hope. That got her full attention.

Margi’s story shows an inspiring ability to cling to her faith and find that glimmer of hope. Knowing her story, Heidi has been edified, enlightened, and changed – for the better. So, will you. You can buy this book as part of The HOPE Bundle or you can buy it individually.

LINK: Buy The Secret Keeper, by Heidi Tucker

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