(Good Things Utah) Here in Utah, we’ve been ranked the 3rd highest state in the nation for stolen packages. This $49 billion issue affects both buyers and sellers, making for a chaotic transaction and a poor experience overall. For those living in apartments, homes, or offices, how can they ensure their future orders are going to make it to them safely?

Invented in 2020 and available in Utah for 6 weeks now, Porchie Delivering Solutions is a universal fix for this growing problem. Featuring an easy-attach clamping mechanism, Porchie fits on any door without hardware and hassle.

Featuring a touch-pad lock with a programmable code, security camera, and spacious storage — this solution is both easy and effective. Ordering a package online? Simply add your programmed code into the special instructions of your order, keep the Porchie unlocked, and your packages have an ultra-convenient way of arriving safely.

Perfectly foldable for when it’s not in use, this is an affordable and non-permanent product for anyone looking to solve their e-commerce delivery problems.

For more information or to order your Porchie, visit them online at DoorPorchie.com.

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