(Good Things Utah) Dealing with adversity can often feel like a never-ending struggle. Pianist Paul Cardall learned this struggle all too well being born with only half a functioning heart. Despite his limitations, Cardall worked to overcome them and eventually grew up to become an internationally acclaimed pianist; inspiring millions around the world with his passion for music.

The Broken Miracle is a two-part series written by popular fantasy author J.D. Netto and inspired by the true story of Paul Cardall. Centered around a Utah boy born with a chronic heart condition, the series follows him and his loving community as they work together to outgrow the illness. Throughout the story, readers will be introduced to both the emotional and spiritual struggles felt by the boy as he grapples with survival and learns to become more than just his condition.

“First we developed this friendship and I got to really know him as a friend,” remarks author J.D. Netto about getting inspiration from Cardall. “It was just such an honor to write this story because it’s all about second chances, and about new beginnings.”

The series is quickly growing in popularity, with over 20 million listeners every month. An album was also created by Cardiff with an array of ultra-talented guest artists performing alongside him.

Cardiff and Netto will be at a local book signing on April 5th at 7:00 pm. The event will be held in Barnes & Noble at 1780 N Woodland Park Drive in Layton.

To read the inspirational story for yourself, The Broken Miracle is available at TheBrokenMiracle.com.

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